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We face a sobering anniversary this week. It will be fifteen years on February 23 since Shannon LaBau was last seen. Here at the website and the Facebook page we are asking you to do TWO things: 1) Print the flyer as found under MISSING POSTER. Please post it somewhere in your hometown. Print and post many of these if you can. This keeps Shannon’s case in the minds of people and the media which could lead to a TIP.  And 2) please wear a bracelet in honor of Shannon. Bracelets say: Missing: Shannon LaBau and our website address. They are tri-colored black, red, and yellow. They are available in youth and adult sizes. How do you get a bracelet? Please contact Lana at LD Eichstadt, PO Box 138, Wessington, SD 57381. Bracelets are $1.00 plus postage. Include a check or money order for your bracelet(s). Postage will vary—please just guesstimate the postage. We are not making any profit on these—they strictly sell for cost only. Our email is findshannonlabau@gmail.com for questions. When you have your bracelet—post a picture of your bracelet and your location in support and remembrance of Shannon and his family.  By wearing a bracelet, you will keep the case alive in the hearts and minds of people and that essential tip could come in. Help us find Shannon LaBau! 

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Missing Montana Man!

Shannon LaBau has been missing since February 23, 1999. Thank you for visiting our website. Please pass it on and share it with friends. This website is sponsored and created by Shannon’s family and friends who still miss him every single day. We are continually seeking answers. Shannon is loved by many and we want to bring him home.  If you can help us, please do so right now, today. The time has come to find Shannon. Please keep Shannon in your prayers and visit this website for updates. If you believe someone you know may be involved in any way, please call the number below immediately and share that information right now. If you have a tip, it may remain anonymous. If you remember anything at all that would help us, now is the time to call or email. 

We are never giving up.  

Helena Police Department at 
(406) 447-8461  Case #99200923


February 23, 2013 marked the 14th year of Shannon’s disappearance. The Hel’z Belles, Helena’s roller derby team, had a home bout on February 23. The Hel’z Belles agreed to an ad in their program that includes “In loving memory of Shannon LaBau, missing since Feb 23rd, 1999” -thank you! 

Website updated: February 20, 2014

Help us find Shannon LaBau!
Shannon Clair LaBau was last seen February 23, 1999. He told his mother he was going with a friend to Townsend, MT to possibly buy a car and would return home to Helena, MT later that same day. LaBau’s friend dropped him off in the vicinity of 900 block of Kessler in Helena at 9 am. He has never been seen or heard from again. Shannon had an appointment with his optometrist to renew his contact lenses. The appointment was set for after his disappearance and he did not arrive as scheduled. He also left money in his bank account and uncollected paychecks from his employer. At the time of his disappearance Shannon had a young child and family and friends know he would have never left like this on his own. It would be out of character for him. His case remains unsolved. We are looking for any answers. If you know anything that would help bring closure to his friends and family, please help us.
If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact: 
Helena Police Department at (406) 447-8461
Case #: 99200923

 Shannon Clair LaBau born: 10-31-1975
MISSING SINCE: February 23, 1999
LAST SEEN: Helena, Montana
HEIGHT: 75.0 in
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 240.0 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond/Strawberry
TATTOOS: tattoo of a black "dragon" on right upper arm (tattoo
was not finished)
SCARS/MARKS: vertical faint scar between eyes on forehead, mole on neck
Contact Helena Police Department at (406) 447-8461 with information.
Helena Police Department Case #99200923/HP056731

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